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The new start menu may cause inconvenience to the legacy Windows users. However, Microsoft has made it this way to make Windows more comfortable for the latest Windows users familiar with the smartphone UI. Windows 11 has a very new and different Start Menu than Windows 7. Microsoft has moved the start menu to the middle instead of the left side for the first time. Time-saving software and hardware expertise that helps 200M users yearly.

Shortcut keys and default Windows screenshot tools are limited. It more tips here is not supported to apply real-time editing effects to your screenshots. You need to open Photoshop or other image editors to add annotations and other drawing tools. It is inconvenient to do so, especially when you need to draw and edit with various images. My key logging protection software does not allow screen shots from the print screen button. The old snipping tool worked for me, but I have not been able to use the new snip & sketch successfully.


However, that conclusion may change in the next months, especially as the big version upgrade named 22H2 will drop later in 2022. We expect it to bring features like tabs in Windows Explorer, in addition to improved performance and stability. Don’t upgrade to Windows 11 if you’re looking for a bug-free experience — Windows 11 has its fair share of bugs, as most new operating system releases do. Windows 10 is at a point where it’s refined and rather bug-free for most people. Even though it’s a few months old as of now, it’s still not stable enough.

  • For Windows 95 pack, which contained several optional components for high-end multimedia PCs, including Internet Explorer, DriveSpace and additional themes.
  • Intel has confirmed IBT is compatible with AMD processors, with more information promised closer to the launch of Windows 11.
  • How To Create a User-Defined Service under NT , and the companion How to Create User-Defined Service under 2000.
  • But we expect organizations to move away from Windows 10 slowly, which will delay the undoubted security benefits that will follow from wide-scale adoption of Windows 11.

Create a separate virtual environment for study, work, side projects, and gaming. That said, Windows 11 will also remember your dual monitor setup and layout. Windows 10 can be annoying when you use a second monitor, or an external monitor in the case of laptops because it forgets your layout once you unplug and replug it. Microsoft has finally addressed this issue in Windows 11. You can apply a dark theme automatically to everything from the taskbar, to the File Explorer, and Start Menu.

How do I view Screenshots on PC?

Microsoft Teams has been directly integrated into Windows 11. This has been the biggest help to office mongers as Teams had issues going down begging of work-from-home. Though integrating Skype would have been a better option. Microsoft has collapsed the Search Box into an icon and removed the Cortana functions. You see a static list of apps, and then documents that you frequently use below them.

Does BeReal Notify Screenshots [ Solution ]

If you want to see information in your Start Menu at a glance, then Windows 10 is better. @Moab Unless you are asking for the solution to a mathematical theorem, to which there is only one possible answer, everything is an opinion. SE exists to share answers which are objective, informed opinions backed by evidence, experience and expertise. In October 2025 Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 10 though so you should switch before then.

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