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Awesome calendar app designs and how to make your own

Since I had trouble booking a cab, the transportation industry has given in-app integration much thought. But there could be a lot of customers like me who forced a business to add the feature. Users can now set up a ride for a specific time and date. Also, when the ride is given to the driver, they would get a reminder.

How to Make a Calendar App

Users can also be notified when speakers are on stage during a conference or when a band is performing during a whole-day concert. Check out our article on how to implement push notifications. Here at Phontinent Technologies, we believe in integrity and commitment. Commitment to serve with the best & latest technologies and utmost quality of expertise. Our developer and designer have different expertise in various fields which means that we are never going to ask you to compromise with the quality of your app. In addition to that, our developers have already made a calendar app for previous clients.

The calendar within the application reminds users of all alerts and notifications. The logistics industry provides so many opportunities for developers who are trying to make a calendar app. A calendar app can help users with scheduling shipments, delivery, and time manages other important tasks. Even applications like Uber Freight also have so many important features that allow users to check past and future scheduled deliveries. Users can also set a date and time according to their preferences for the delivery. In the 21st-century people have been so busy with their life that forgetting important appointments and dates has become common and a nuisance.

E) Other Important Tools and Technologies to Create a Calendar App

The technology stack of an app is one of the most important parts. You should select the technologies that will assure your app’s scalability in the future. Nylas Cloud Calendar API offers such features as scheduling, reminders, and others. For example, Airbnb uses a calendar to show available dates for the chosen apartment. Sign up for CNN’s Royal News, a weekly dispatch bringing you the inside track on the royal family, what they are up to in public and what’s happening behind palace walls. The first three episodes of the Netflix series were released on Thursday, with three more scheduled for next week.

How to Make a Calendar App

Healthfully, a medical platform we built that helps doctors monitor their patients’ health conditions, goes further. In addition to scheduling in-person and online doctor visits, Healthfully uses its calendar feature for scheduling reports and notifications. Fitness apps use sensors and NFC technology and help users plan training sessions thanks to embedded calendars. Aside from clean lines and a classic view of entire months, we also have the individual day screen.

For example, Fantastical uses Apple’s 3D Touch to enable a user to get directions to an event. Force Touch on macOS allows Fantastical app users to instantly jump to Birthdays, Favorites, and business cards. Event discovery apps like Eventbrite have in-app calendars that users can sync with their Google, Apple, and Outlook calendars. These in-app calendars remind users of events they have tickets to via push notifications.

Business Calendar 2 Planner

After you complete the steps, the new event will appear in the calendar you specified. You can always select the day, and clicking the event will open a page to edit, cancel, or delete the event. Once you complete these steps, the event will appear in your calendar, as well as in those of the people to which you sent the invitation. In addition, they’ll also receive an email notification, which they can RSVP or decline. There are at least two ways to add new events to a calendar. You can do this within the app or using the date-and-time flyout menu available through the taskbar.

Booking SlotsThis feature is specially designed for those who work online for a limited period of time. People can book a few specific slots and make them available for clients and other vendors. Also, the vendors or https://globalcloudteam.com/ other clients can easily connect with the one-tap using a personal slot link. Apart from the above-mentioned APIs, there is also a list of APIs that can be used to create your calendar app exception among others.

How to Make a Calendar App

Most calendars also have the ability to display dots to indicate events scheduled for a particular day. But in fact, the calendar itself doesn’t know about these events – it only assigns colors to the interface elements based on information from the server. The most common function of calendars in healthcare apps is scheduling doctor appointments.

For instance, for making an app more user-friendly and customized, you can provide users with a custom calendar application. It’s good to help users select various styles or convert the event’s color. Moreover, Google Calendar enables users to invite others for joining events.

How to Make A Calendar App

It also provides the selection of the current date and displaying the date. The setOnDateChangeListener Interface is used which provide onSelectedDayChange method. Users may manage events, tasks, and milestones in one location and view call calendar data for all projects in one location. With a calendar, you can automate tasks that you often do. No need to make a new one every day, have team members share reports, or manually set up the same meeting every Thursday. Calendar apps with features for sharing and embedding make it easy to customize your schedule before you share it with the public.

How to Make a Calendar App

Among the latest design trends are bright colors and simple forms. For example, you can choose a minimalistic but vivid design. To ensure you never miss a scheduled event, your calendar will now automatically incorporate all of your upcoming appointments, projects, and meetings.

Do You Have A Project In Mind?

Also, the calendar is used for tracking physical activities to fetch the right statistics at a specific time and planning training sessions. In a logistics application, nearly everything must be timely create a calendar app and scheduled beforehand whether it’s loading, shipping, or delivery. To increase security, you can use the devices’ hardware. For example, your calendar can utilize Apple’s 3D Touch or Force Touch.

  • There are some reasons why you might want to do this.
  • Apart from the above-mentioned APIs, there is also a list of APIs that can be used to create your calendar app exception among others.
  • Or, you can skip all of that and just jump to the next section to share calendars on iPhone.
  • In addition to that, we will also share with you key features of the app as well as how the app can be used for various industries.
  • The calendar app is useful when it comes to time management.

EmizenTech’s Mobile App Development team is led by Naren Bhati, who designs and develops technically innovative solutions for our global clientele. He has the technical expertise to steer our app development team on the right path. The user can swipe over multiple days to open them in the week view and navigate by month or by week with Intuitive Navigation. Setting ReminderThe feature is specially designed to prevent any omission or delays in meetings, events, and deadlines. It is obviously a benefit over the offline/paperback calendars.

Personalized Photo Calendars

Fantastical is better than other iPhone calendar apps as it supports the feature of natural language parsing. For those who don’t know, Natural Language Parsing is a tool that lets you use everyday language to set a reminder, organize an event, or construct a to-do list. You can make a lunch date with John at 1400 by entering “lunch with John at 1400” in your calendar. Apple’s EventKit assists in acquiring smooth access to calendar data, and makes it simple to edit and make events inside the application. Apple also provides EventKit UI with new and intriguing interfaces to add to your calendar app.

How can you prototype your own calendar app?

Emizentech employs senior analysts, UX specialists, and software engineers who are well-versed in developing apps for all major mobile platforms. Microsoft Outlook calendar was initially developed for massive enterprises, but it has evolved into an instrumental program for the average user over the years. The application serves as a calendar and scheduling application for monitoring personal and professional activities.

Creating or integrating the calendar app is not a backbreaking process, but it does take a lot of planning. The calendar app lets you give users a wide range of advanced features that make work more efficient in many fields. Without a doubt, the ability to schedule events is the most important thing to look for in a calendar app. Meetings should be as easy to plan as possible, so you should use a smart calendar app that lets you plan events and appointments in less time. Emizentech has all these features to help business owners and entrepreneurs who need help staying organized and creating exceptional apps.

You can add to your list the upcoming weather, the dates of important people’s birthdays, the schedules of upcoming sporting events, and much more. Natural language input is used in Calendars 5, similar to Fantastical, allowing you to add events in your language. What makes it stand out from other calendar apps, though, is its event-focused UI, which provides a snapshot of all of your work schedule at a glance. Schedules can be seen by day, week, or month, depending on your preference.

The tech stack of your app is one of the most significant parts. You need to choose the technologies that’d guarantee the scalability of your product in the future. To accomplish all the activities easily, users appreciate an opportunity to track all the tasks. Calendars can be accessed from devices the audience uses at work, at home, or via any other device. According to Statista, the total number of Google Calendar downloads in the Google Play Store was 6.59 million in June 2021. The fantastical calendar app is on the list of the best 2020 apps.

Also, excited to see if you planning to add events to this. Use this code in the button’s Fill property to make a the circle colored. Another feature we can add here is to identify the current day with a circle behind it. The calendar now changes its perspective if you click on a date outside of the current month. Our styling of the label’s Hoverfill and PressedFill properties also work nicely here. Clicked this icon will advance the calendar to the next month.

This one uses bold orange color in the background, while the bottom part of the screen enjoys a white background. This choice may feel a bit dangerous from a usability point-of-view, but the real text and information will be found at the bottom as opposed to inside the calendar itself. This means that users won’t need to read white text against an orange background, making the background a safe choice.

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